Friday, 17 September 2010


Well i totally failed but I've been so ridiculously busy over the past few months!
But if anything all the trips i took only inspired me & sparked my creativity!
I went on a ridiculous road trip to North East Germany in June which was insane.
Met Claudio Sanchez, met loads of fantastic germans including Felix & Andreas, saw some of the most beautiful scenery & drove 24 hours pretty straight with only half an hour sleep in a belgium truck stop. But the trip all in all was the best of my life and entirely free!

Then made a last minute decision to go to Leeds Festival for the 6th time which was a very good idea indeed!
Totally awakened some youth i felt i was losing! Mainly by cartwheeling down hills & running on barrels
I'm going to University in a week and although i intend to party as much as humanly possible i shall do my utmost to get a first even if it kills me!
As i nice precursor to my course two days ago i finished what i consider to be my best song so far, and depending on free time over the next week i might try and release an EP just for laughs
Without further ado, in reverse chronological order here are the things I've bounced from my logic since my last post!
I will also try and post a little more frequently
Enjoy... or not

Control by Feldgrau Fox

Forgot About Dre by Feldgrau Fox

25 Frags To Win (Early Mix) by Feldgrau Fox

North Beach by Feldgrau Fox

Xxplosive Intro by Feldgrau Fox

Burning Coastline by Feldgrau Fox

Sleeping In by Feldgrau Fox