Friday, 17 September 2010


Well i totally failed but I've been so ridiculously busy over the past few months!
But if anything all the trips i took only inspired me & sparked my creativity!
I went on a ridiculous road trip to North East Germany in June which was insane.
Met Claudio Sanchez, met loads of fantastic germans including Felix & Andreas, saw some of the most beautiful scenery & drove 24 hours pretty straight with only half an hour sleep in a belgium truck stop. But the trip all in all was the best of my life and entirely free!

Then made a last minute decision to go to Leeds Festival for the 6th time which was a very good idea indeed!
Totally awakened some youth i felt i was losing! Mainly by cartwheeling down hills & running on barrels
I'm going to University in a week and although i intend to party as much as humanly possible i shall do my utmost to get a first even if it kills me!
As i nice precursor to my course two days ago i finished what i consider to be my best song so far, and depending on free time over the next week i might try and release an EP just for laughs
Without further ado, in reverse chronological order here are the things I've bounced from my logic since my last post!
I will also try and post a little more frequently
Enjoy... or not

Control by Feldgrau Fox

Forgot About Dre by Feldgrau Fox

25 Frags To Win (Early Mix) by Feldgrau Fox

North Beach by Feldgrau Fox

Xxplosive Intro by Feldgrau Fox

Burning Coastline by Feldgrau Fox

Sleeping In by Feldgrau Fox

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Everything is getting pushed back until Wednesday because although my girlfriend sounds sexier, she's actually just ill. So now I have pharyngitis which is more than enough for a day's rest! Last time i had it I spent a week in bed, lost half a stone & watched all the lord of the rings in succession far too many times.
So today's a day of watching films I've been putting off for ages, Up The Yangtze, Deep Water, 35 Shots of Rum, Noam Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent, the '79 Werner Herzog Nosferatu remake and A Cross The Universe to balance out how depressing the other films will be!
And shitloads of comics, got all of Ex Machina to reread, the 'Death In The Family' Batman arc and all the Battle For The Cowl Batman stuff. Awesome!
So tomorrow I should have finished Welcome To Bangkok and probably have at least one film to rave about how good it was.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Week 2 & a half

As previously posted i said I'd do two covers this week and after long deliberation I've picked it but it will definitely not be finished today so expect it sometime during the week! Not going to divulge what it is until it's finished though!
Also for week 3 I've decided to try compose and record something in the style of 60's rock bands, hopefully when it's finished it should sound akin to something from the That Thing You Do soundtrack ha
It'll also give me a chance to compose and record a style I'm not entirely familiar with and also mix and produce in a way that will reflect the sound of that period
I feel I'm going to be playing with the Waves Renaissance collection quite a lot
Anyway in the meantime here's a visual representation of how awesome this week has been

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Week 2 - Devotion & Desire

Here's the first of this week's covers!
How early have I managed this? It's the fruit of two days hard labour!
This is dedicated to one of my best friends Wesley Hall who is possibly the cheeriest person I know and someone who makes every day amazing!
Here he is as Jesus Wes:

He requested Devotion and Desire by Bayside which is an absolute tuuune!
I think i pretty much nailed the music but as i posted previously i only have an SM58 for vocals and it's broken.
Basically it has a ridiculously weak signal and getting anything like a good sound from it is next to impossible
Then there's my singing, which is pretty gash but I belted it out for Wes anyway!
Here's the original to compare it to:

And here's mine:

Week 2 - Devotion & Desire by Feldgrau Fox

Again any feedback/criticism/cakes will be welcome

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week 1 - Maelstrom

Not the best start to the project but time has been tight due to excess work & play!
But here's week one's finished project called Maelstrom
Having only a very short amount of time to write it i feel the structure is massively lacking, as is the mixing and such in the latter half of the piece but given it took a week and I have fifty one more songs to try and develop myself over I'm confident my abilities will improve weekly
Another positive note is I've finally started getting to grips with all the Waves plugins because the complete pack has 309 or something so I've never had time to fully toy with them all whereas now I've played with the majority and found an absolute gem in the Hybrid compressor, it's fucking fantastic
Also as a punishment for missing the deadline I'm going to record two covers this week, one being Bayside - Devotion & Desire just for Wesley, if I can manage to sing it that is
I'm not sure what the second will be but something instrumental would be preferable as atm I only have a broken SM58 to record vocals but i plan on upgrading my recording set up at the end of this month so all areas should see a huge improvement with my first song in June!
Anyway feedback on the song would be awesome

Week 1 - Maelstrom by Feldgrau Fox

Sunday, 2 May 2010


First week of the project & I'm already late ha
This is because as usual party time > work
Expect the new song tomorrow as tonight i will be too busy busting shapes
But before this weekends setback i was well on track and will be for future weeks
also not that anyone reads this really but i might do a cover next week while i compose something for week 3, any suggestions?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Week 1 so far

Progress so far is good!
Recorded the basic's in about an hour & have been toying with the sucker for around four hours!
I desperately need to switch it up for next weeks project, I can't keep writing these slow ass ambient songs
Think that'll do for today as I have to make an attempt to listen to some of the 20 odd albums i downloaded for some much needed inspirado!
One of which is fucking amazing, i read the review on absolute punk and it was something i'd heard a million times before "Astonishing, pushing boundaries, fantastically produced, very original etc."
I saw the album cover and just thought it would be some NU METALLZZZ trash
How i was wrong
Here's the shitty album cover:

And here is the ridiculously good single:


Monday, 26 April 2010

Beginning & rules!

The main reason for this blog is to rectify my lack of ambition & drive.
Turning 20 really made me have a quarter life crisis, but the final blow to get off my unmotivated ass and do something was Tuesday 20th of April.
After a night round the town with some great friends we headed back to Brindle's house & his friend Scott (who knows far more about music than I ever will) put on this guy called Willy Mason. And this clunky thudding guitar starts, and then this really ordinary voice starts singing in an almost monotone fashion. I start thinking how terrible the song is until i start to listen to what he's saying and realising how well written the song actually is. Scott then proceeds to tell me the album, 'Where The Humans Eat' was recorded when he was only 20. If that isn't something to make me want to get up and do something with my life then nothing is. This beautiful album was not only released in 2004 but was written when Willy was 17! So not only am I already three years behind Willy, technology has grown exponentially since then so I should have more than enough equipment at hand to surpass what he's done.
I believe I don't lack in talent or creativity just the drive to actually create! So in the same way Bill Wadman, Jonathon Coulton & probably countless others have done I'm going to begin a 52 things project called Where The Humans Eat.

Here are the rules:

1. The project has to be creative.
2. The project week will run from Monday morning to Sunday evening.
3. Projects must be completed and posted before I go to bed on Sunday night.
4. Tracks must be at least 2:30 in length

There we have it, this means if all goes well by the 25th of April 2011 i should have 52 tracks to show I actually did something during my life. And hopefully at various intervals throughout the year, if enough tracks have a cohesive feel I can release them as albums.
Anyway I better get started i've only got six days left.

Oh and here's the son of a bitch that got me started