Monday, 26 April 2010

Beginning & rules!

The main reason for this blog is to rectify my lack of ambition & drive.
Turning 20 really made me have a quarter life crisis, but the final blow to get off my unmotivated ass and do something was Tuesday 20th of April.
After a night round the town with some great friends we headed back to Brindle's house & his friend Scott (who knows far more about music than I ever will) put on this guy called Willy Mason. And this clunky thudding guitar starts, and then this really ordinary voice starts singing in an almost monotone fashion. I start thinking how terrible the song is until i start to listen to what he's saying and realising how well written the song actually is. Scott then proceeds to tell me the album, 'Where The Humans Eat' was recorded when he was only 20. If that isn't something to make me want to get up and do something with my life then nothing is. This beautiful album was not only released in 2004 but was written when Willy was 17! So not only am I already three years behind Willy, technology has grown exponentially since then so I should have more than enough equipment at hand to surpass what he's done.
I believe I don't lack in talent or creativity just the drive to actually create! So in the same way Bill Wadman, Jonathon Coulton & probably countless others have done I'm going to begin a 52 things project called Where The Humans Eat.

Here are the rules:

1. The project has to be creative.
2. The project week will run from Monday morning to Sunday evening.
3. Projects must be completed and posted before I go to bed on Sunday night.
4. Tracks must be at least 2:30 in length

There we have it, this means if all goes well by the 25th of April 2011 i should have 52 tracks to show I actually did something during my life. And hopefully at various intervals throughout the year, if enough tracks have a cohesive feel I can release them as albums.
Anyway I better get started i've only got six days left.

Oh and here's the son of a bitch that got me started

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