Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week 1 - Maelstrom

Not the best start to the project but time has been tight due to excess work & play!
But here's week one's finished project called Maelstrom
Having only a very short amount of time to write it i feel the structure is massively lacking, as is the mixing and such in the latter half of the piece but given it took a week and I have fifty one more songs to try and develop myself over I'm confident my abilities will improve weekly
Another positive note is I've finally started getting to grips with all the Waves plugins because the complete pack has 309 or something so I've never had time to fully toy with them all whereas now I've played with the majority and found an absolute gem in the Hybrid compressor, it's fucking fantastic
Also as a punishment for missing the deadline I'm going to record two covers this week, one being Bayside - Devotion & Desire just for Wesley, if I can manage to sing it that is
I'm not sure what the second will be but something instrumental would be preferable as atm I only have a broken SM58 to record vocals but i plan on upgrading my recording set up at the end of this month so all areas should see a huge improvement with my first song in June!
Anyway feedback on the song would be awesome

Week 1 - Maelstrom by Feldgrau Fox

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