Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Week 2 - Devotion & Desire

Here's the first of this week's covers!
How early have I managed this? It's the fruit of two days hard labour!
This is dedicated to one of my best friends Wesley Hall who is possibly the cheeriest person I know and someone who makes every day amazing!
Here he is as Jesus Wes:

He requested Devotion and Desire by Bayside which is an absolute tuuune!
I think i pretty much nailed the music but as i posted previously i only have an SM58 for vocals and it's broken.
Basically it has a ridiculously weak signal and getting anything like a good sound from it is next to impossible
Then there's my singing, which is pretty gash but I belted it out for Wes anyway!
Here's the original to compare it to:

And here's mine:

Week 2 - Devotion & Desire by Feldgrau Fox

Again any feedback/criticism/cakes will be welcome

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